Tenants’ Concerns/Issues as discussed with Shiplake on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Balconies – As it relates to balcony work seemingly not starting on time, an estimate of the work was given to Shiplake by the contractors. It turns out that some balconies require more work than others. Some are dilapidated and being eaten away. Also, the re-bar that enforces the concrete is corroding on some of them.
The weather is unpredictable and can/has slowed down work. The varying degree of work also makes it difficult to give a precise time frame of the work.
Shiplake updates the construction schedule every 2-4 weeks and the Concierge Manager has regular contact with the foreman.
Shiplake was encouraged to communicate these changes in schedule to all tenants.
Updates can be viewed on their notice board outside of the laundry room.
Yoga Room –  The opening of the room was delayed due to garage repairs conducted with a process called hydro-demolition. There was a leak in the concrete, they had to repair it and allow it to dry before the room could be completed.
The room should be up and running by the first week of June, foreseeing no delays. Once opened it will be a permanent amenity. It will be located across from the gym, accessible by fob, 24 hours a day.
Twice a week yoga classes will be provided by a certified instructor. However, the class can only accommodate 15 people, therefore sign up will be required. Details on this later.
Gym – The gym was reduced by 18 inches to accommodate a new emergency exit. 

Security Cameras – We were assured that these are working. Construction workers are assigned fobs by foremen and we can easily keep track of them

Bulbs/Batteries Recycling Bin – Shiplake acknowledged that this is almost two years overdue. Currently, due to construction, they would not be able to place one at the same spot where the other recycling bins are. They suggested the laundry room as the most likely appropriate spot.
Flooding – The cause of flooding from the 17th to 14th floor in the 10 line was explained as follows:
The pipe pressure valve blew in unit 1710. Shiplake believes this to be an isolated case and do not foresee this happening in any other units.
Repairs in the affected and surrounding units have begun and are ongoing.
Parking Spots – Shiplake requested only 25 parking spots from the Madison, eventually securing 38.
These were allocated to persons who already had existing parking spots here at the Torontonian.
Provisions for new applicants were not considered. Shiplake was advised that this was a huge oversight on their part, and are working to rectify this situation.
Quiet Suite – Suite 2307 has been designated as the quiet suite. However, because of construction and work being done on balconies, it is not necessarily quiet.
Family Suite – Suite 106 has been designated as the family suite. Please note that this suite is for mothers with babies and toddlers only. The suite is opened Monday to Friday, 9 am -4 pm.
Building Construction Update – Shiplake was encouraged to use their notice board by the laundry room more effectively to communicate schedules, construction updates/changes, and general construction information
The Torontonian Tenants’ Association Executive/Board