Welcome to the Association!


General Meeting

Thursday, September 13, 2018, 8PM

In the Media Room

(Bring a chair if you have one)

We will be holding a General Meeting to allow our members to meet the Paralegals we have retained to assist us in the preparation of our application to the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB).  We are asking for compensation for the work done by Shiplake at the Torontonian which has interfered with the reasonable enjoyment of your units, and of the building , by you or members of your household.

Before we proceed with the application to the LTB, all members who have agreed to join in the process must sign on to the application by law, and have their identity confirmed by our paralegals. Please bring ID with you.  (One application per unit is necessary.)

Also, if you have not done so you will also need to pay $5.00.

Please come!  The Association needs your support in this application, and so does your Executive group!  There is strength in numbers!

This meeting is open to members only:  Non-members can purchase memberships at the door on the night of the meeting.

If you’re not a member, join us!

Speak up about what is happening in your home.



& Membership Drive

Sunday April 15, 2018

Front Lobby

12 Noon to 4 pm


Choose a date:

Sunday March 25, 2018 4PM


Tuesday March 27, 2018 7PM

In the Media room

(Bring a chair if you have one)

If you’re not a member, join us!

Speak up about what is happening in your home.



Wednesday August 2, 2017

7 PM in the Media room

(Bring a chair if you have one)

Join us to:

Come and meet your new executive committee 

Get updates on AGIS, RentSafeTO legislation, Airbnb.

We will also discuss the compensation for building repairs and renovations and lots more.

Please Welcome the New Executive Board

for 2017- 2018:

President – Monica Stachan

Vice President – Doreen Olds

Treasurer – Ryan Nicholas

Secretary – Aishah Best

Member at Large – Anne Hayes

Member at Large – Margaret Walker

Member at Large – Kathleen Armstrong

Member at Large – Roma Del Bel

Member at Large – Ramekumaar Rethinam Asokan


Wednesday August 2, 2017

7 PM in the Media room

(Bring a chair if you have one)

Join us to

  • Elect your Executive Committee

  • Vote on the Constitution & other matters

  • Get updates on applications for compensation & remediation issues & challenges to potential AGIs (Above the Guideline Rent Increases)

  • – available ONLY to TTA members!


Queries: torontoniancommunications@gmail.com

Membership info.: torontoniantamembership@gmail.com


Some new information and documents have been posted to the Tenant Concerns, Minutes and Development pages. Including the new changes to Tenants rights from the Government of Ontario.

Check them out..

Street closures and detours starting June 14, 2017

Dewatering System Installation Eglinton Ave E from Lillian Street to Redpath Ave

CTS Construction Notice – June 2017

Tenants’ Concerns/Issues as discussed with Shiplake on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Balconies – As it relates to balcony work seemingly not starting on time, an estimate of the work was given to Shiplake by the contractors. It turns out that some balconies require more work than others. Some are dilapidated and being eaten away. Also, the re-bar that enforces the concrete is corroding on some of them.
The weather is unpredictable and can/has slowed down work. The varying degree of work also makes it difficult to give a precise time frame of the work.
Shiplake updates the construction schedule every 2-4 weeks and the Concierge Manager has regular contact with the foreman.
Shiplake was encouraged to communicate these changes in schedule to all tenants.
Updates can be viewed on their notice board outside of the laundry room.
Yoga Room –  The opening of the room was delayed due to garage repairs conducted with a process called hydro-demolition. There was a leak in the concrete, they had to repair it and allow it to dry before the room could be completed.
The room should be up and running by the first week of June, foreseeing no delays. Once opened it will be a permanent amenity. It will be located across from the gym, accessible by fob, 24 hours a day.
Twice a week yoga classes will be provided by a certified instructor. However, the class can only accommodate 15 people, therefore sign up will be required. Details on this later.
Gym – The gym was reduced by 18 inches to accommodate a new emergency exit.
Security Cameras – We were assured that these are working. Construction workers are assigned fobs by foremen and we can easily keep track of them
Bulbs/Batteries Recycling Bin – Shiplake acknowledged that this is almost two years overdue. Currently, due to construction, they would not be able to place one at the same spot where the other recycling bins are. They suggested the laundry room as the most likely appropriate spot.
Flooding – The cause of flooding from the 17th to 14th floor in the 10 line was explained as follows:
The pipe pressure valve blew in unit 1710. Shiplake believes this to be an isolated case and do not foresee this happening in any other units.
Repairs in the affected and surrounding units have begun and are ongoing.
Parking Spots – Shiplake requested only 25 parking spots from the Madison, eventually securing 38.
These were allocated to persons who already had existing parking spots here at the Torontonian.
Provisions for new applicants were not considered. Shiplake was advised that this was a huge oversight on their part, and are working to rectify this situation.
Quiet Suite – Suite 2307 has been designated as the quiet suite. However, because of construction and work being done on balconies, it is not necessarily quiet.
Family Suite – Suite 106 has been designated as the family suite. Please note that this suite is for mothers with babies and toddlers only. The suite is opened Monday to Friday, 9 am -4 pm.
Building Construction Update – Shiplake was encouraged to use their notice board by the laundry room more effectively to communicate schedules, construction updates/changes, and general construction information
The Torontonian Tenants’ Association Executive/Board

Please welcome the New Executive Board

Kerry Bell, President

Ryan Nicholas, Vice President

Vacant, Treasurer

Vacant, Secretary

Roma del Bel, Member at Large

Jim McCarthy, Member at Large

Kathleen Armstrong, Member at Large

2017 Annual General Meeting/Election

Wednesday May 17, 2017 at 7PM

Media Room

Construction will begin on APRIL 28 2017.

The Pool will be closed as of APRIL 3  2017.

Visitor Parking will be closed as of APRIL 3 2017.

Compensation package will take effect as of MAY 1, 2017.

If you received a letter showing your negotiated rend reduction please note that the reduction takes place as of May 1, 2017.

The cheque for $200.00 is yours to spend as you wish.

Lillian Park Development Plans are posted for your information in the Development Section.

Balcony Repairs Update

Beginning Thursday March 23rd, balcony lines 13, 15 and 17 will be closed to begin the repairs. The notices will be sent to the residents tonight. (March 17, 2017)
If you have questions or concerns please send them to Elizabeth.

REMEMBER you do not need to take out your air conditioners.


Tuesday March 28, 2017

Media Room (Bring a chair)

6:30 – 7:30 pm

Shiplake will be discussing the upcoming contraction project and answering questions.

Construction on the new buildings will begin on APRIL 28, 2017

We will receive a notice as to when the pool and visitor parking is closed.


As you all know we will be getting our balconies repaired in 2017. One of the issues was brought up at the meeting was that we received a notice that we will need to remove our air conditioners from the window when the balcony work began lasting two months.

More information about the meeting on February 15th will be posted shortly.


Wednesday February 15, 2017

Media Room (Basement)

(Bring a chair if you have one)

Special Guests:

Elizabeth Bell – Resident Services Supervisor

Concierge Changes

Ali Khoja – Vice President Residential

Balcony Repairs

We also discuss: The upcoming construction and follow up with on  going building issues

Construction on the new buildings is slated to start APRIL 2017

In order to benefit from the loss of the pool you need to use the pool facilities more than once a month until the pool closes. (At least twice a month)

 Heat Issues:

If you do not feel heat from your baseboard on days that the outside temperature is below 21 degrees then you need to put in a work order.

As it was explained to me, there is a sensor on the roof that reads the core temperature. If that temperature falls below 21 degrees then the heat will turn on.

If you still have an air conditioner in your windows then you are letting the cold air into your apartment. Also closing windows (both panes)and doors is helpful in maintaining the heat. Also removing furniture 1 foot away from the baseboards will help circulate the heat. If you have drapes that cover the baseboard you are limiting the range that the heat can travel into your apartment.

The amount of heat coming in through the baseboards is equally to how cold in is outside. The colder it is outside the more heat will come through the baseboard.


The pool will close as of in April 2017

Visitor parking will be closed as of April 2017

As information becomes available it will be posted in the Development section of this site.

Thank you to everyone who came to the Tenant Meeting on Tuesday,  October 4th. We had a lot of information to discuss and thank you to everyone who stayed past our usual one hour. The minutes has been posted.




Media Room (Basement)

(Bring a chair if you have one)

 We will discuss:

New Information on Development Project

Current Tenant Issues

Garage & Bake Sale Update

We look forward to seeing you

Join us on Saturday July 16, 2016 for our Second Annual Garage and Bake Sale

Date:            Saturday July 16, 2016

Time:            9:00am to 3:00pm

Place:   45 Dunfield Avenue, Back Yard on Lillian Street

Rain Date: Saturday July 23, 2016


Sign up at the Concierge Desk to participate:

***Reserve a spot ** Volunteer ** Bake***




Media Room (Basement)

(Bring a chair if you have one)

 We will discuss:

Development Update, Update on current tenant issues, Garage Sale & Bake Sale

We look forward to seeing you

Annual General Meeting May 10, 2016 (Update)

On May 10th 2016 we held our first Annual General Meeting. The members voted on changes to the charted and for a new Executive Committee.

Name Change: It was voted by the members of the Association  to change the name of the 45 Dunfield Tenants Association to The Torontonian Tenants’ Association (TTA)

Membership Change: Membership is no longer limited to one person per unit. Now any adult (18 years +) living at 45 Dunfield Avenue can join the membership by paying the membership fee.

Introducing the New Executive Committee 

President: Karni Baum

Vice President: Sonny Malhotra

Secretary: Erin Edwards

Board Members at Large: Roma Del Bel

Board Members at Large: Surbhi Malhotra

Board Members at Large:  Deepti Diwan Khosla

Minutes from the meeting has been posted in the Minutes Section.


Shiplake will be sending each unit affected a letter outlining their “new “current rent. The letter will also include the amount you may owe or be owed by Shiplake. You and Shiplake will be given 60 days to balance the books. If you have any questions or need help understanding your “new” rent please don’t hesitate to contacts us.


 Tuesday May 10, 2016,          7:00 pm

 Media Room (Basement Level)

Bring a chair if you have one

 We will be holding our First Annual General Meeting. Members can vote on changes to the charter and run for positions on the Executive Committee.

Only paid members can vote and run for an Executive Position.

ALL are welcome


We had a very successful bake sale. We raised $ 230.00.

Back by Popular Demand


SATURDAY APRIL 2, 2016,  9am to 3pm 

In the Lobby.

Go to the EVENTS page for details.

We met with our paralegal and Shiplake today at the Landlord Tenant Board to challenge the 3% AGI, Above Guideline Increase. We were able to negotiate with Shiplake and lower the AGI to 2.6%.

Within the next two weeks or so anyone effected by the AGI will receive a legal notification letting them know the updated amount for their rent. You will have 60 days to pay the difference should you owe the diffrence and Shiplake will have 60 days to refund you if you have been paying the additional 3%.

I would like to thank the tenants that came with us to show their support. We could not have done this without you.


Tuesday January 19, 2016    10am    Toronto East York Community Council

Presentation of Final Zoning Amendment Application for 45-77 Dunfield Development project.

Wednesday February 3, 2016  Time TBA       Toronto City Council

Final Approval for 45-77 Dunfield Development project.

Wednesday February 10, 2016    7pm     45 Dunfield Tenant Association

Tenant Association meeting to discuss changes to Tenant Association Organization and the upcoming AGI Hearing.

Special Guest: Dan McIntyre Paralegal, representing us at AGI hearing

February 24, 2016     9am SHARP      Landlord Tenant Board

79 St. Clair Avenue East, Suite212

Above Guideline Increase (AGI) Hearing

Tuesday May 10, 2016     7PM      45 Dunfield Tenant Association

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

We will be holding elections and making changes to the tenant association charter. All tenants are welcome. Only paid members will be eligible to run for election and vote. We will be posting information about the tenant association, commitment expectations and position responsibilities soon. If you are interested in running for a position on the executive board you will need to be present at the AGM to announce your candidacy.

 Vote Results for the Compensation Offer 

YES 53 votes         NO 8 votes

 Thank You to all the members who took the time to vote.

Once we get the final contract with the details from the city we will post it on the website.

Have a Happy Holiday and a Happy and Healthy New Year

See you in 2016

*****BIG NEWS******

We have an offer of compensation from Shiplake for the planned development project. We will be holding two meetings on Tuesday December 15, 2015 at 6:15 pm OR at 7:00 pm. They will each be the same meeting. We want to make sure that everyone who is interested can join. Please note: ONLY paid members of the Tenant Association will be eligible to vote on the offer. If you have not yet paid and want to have your voice heard please bring $ 10.00 to the meeting in cash or cheque. Or you can pay through e-transfer to 45dunfieldTA@gmail.com.

Please go the Development tab to view Compensation Offer.

November 25, 2015 Update: Many of you have received a hearing notice today regarding the tax rent decrease. We have contacted our paralegal for advise on how to proceed. Once we have more information we will let you know.

Ideally you should become a paid member of the tenant association so that we can communicate with you directly as things come up.

We have a date for our hearing at the Landlord Tenant Board on Wednesday February 24, 2016. We are in talks with our paralegal to ensure we will be ready to challenge the AGI. Once we have more information about the location and time we will let you know.

On Saturday September 12 & Sunday September 13, 2015 we had the first annual building wide Flea Market and Bake Sale. Even though mother nature was not very accommodating we had a great turnout and tenets were able to sell some of their “extra” stuff. The Bake Sale was a huge success and very tasty. The raffle was also a success with the opportunity to win quite a few prizes from our local business’s. We managed to raise over $ 800.00 to help the Tenant Association with the upcoming legal fees. Thanks you to everyone who participated, baked and volunteered. We could not have had the success we had without you.

Thank You to the following sponsors and donors for your support.

The Duke of Kent, The Fox, A Firkin Pub, Starbucks, Second Cup, Central Eglinton Community Centre and Periwinkle Flowers

The Next meeting of the 45 Dunfield Tenants Association will be on Tuesday September 1, 2015 at 7pm in the Media Room. We hope to see you there.

We had a great meeting last night with great attendance again. Our special guest Maurice Wager from Shiplake answered questions on many tenant issues and concerns.  We shared a lot of great news and discussed the Flea Market Fundraiser we will be hosting in September. The minutes from this meeting and more information about the Flea Market has been posted.

The next meeting of the 45 Dunfield Tenants Association will be on Thursday July 30, 2015 at 7:00pm in the Media Room. We have a lot of information to share regarding the Above Guideline Increase (AGI), the proposed development (The Two Towers) next door and lots of good news regarding life at 45 Dunfield. We will be having a special guess from Shiplake to discus the new development and answer some of your questions and concerns.

Special Guest:  Maurice Wager: Shiplake Director of Development

During our last meeting it was standing room only so bring a chair and join us.

We look forward to seeing you there,

Hello current and future residents of 45 Dunfield Avenue – The Torontonian!

The first meeting of the Tenants’ Association was held on Tuesday, June 16th to a standing room only crowd of very engaged tenants.

The Executive Committee will be meeting with Councillor Josh Matlow in July to discuss our concerns.

Watch this space for ongoing updates.