The Torontonian Tenants’ Association was established in May 2015 in response to various concerns from residents.

Given the rapid development of the Yonge and Eglinton neighborhood, and the proposed developments for our property, the goal of the Tenants’ Association is to ensure that the voice of residents is united and heard.

If you are interested in joining the executive committee please contact us.

For tenants’ concerns, please contact our Communications Coordinator at torontoniancommunications@gmail.com

Please note that you MUST be a member of the TTA to submit your concerns to us. Otherwise, please contact Shiplake.

For membership inquiries or to become a member, please email the Membership Coordinator at


The TTA Executive team looks forward to hearing from you soon.


Who are the Executive Committee members?

Chair:  Anne Hayes

Treasurer:  Ryan Nicholas

Secretary:  Pamela Robinson


  • Membership:  Kathleen Armstrong
  • Tenants Concerns:  Roma Del Bel
  • Community Liaison:  Margaret Walker
  • Website:  Debbie Malinowski
  • Communication:  Carolyne Cybulski
  • Consultant/Research:  Jim McCarthy



5 thoughts on “About

  1. So happy that the 45 Dunfield Tenant’s Association has been formed. I’m looking forward to attending the meeting on June 16th. I believe I can give my contribution when I attend the meeting. If third is incorrect please advise. Also can you provide me information on the secretary vacancy.



  2. Thank you very much for being ‘volunteered’ to form this association!!! Many of my favourite things about this building now (green space; dog park; playground open view; airy, casual pool; overcrowded scale of over-densified midtown ‘hood infrastructure NOT being stressed even more, plus wind tunnel not getting worse etc etc) – will apparently become extinct if/when the new development takes root. Sigh.

    Judging by what councillor Josh Matlow and Metro Tenant rep Wendy Lum said at earlier meetings, a change of plans is a big long shot, so a tenants association is really the best (maybe only) way for tenants to be taken seriously in these kinds of big deals. Yikes guess everyone has to lawyer up. I can’t offer to volunteer time right now, but will support the cause as best I can otherwise!

    At this stage (for donation purposes) , are you keeping track of ‘membership’ details (eg who pays what) or are you just accepting donations in general? I shudder to think of the admin – but necessary evil, no doubt,because we will all benefit big time by having an official voice.

    Thank you! Kate


    • Hi Kate, We are keeping record of where every donation comes from. Our finances are available for anyone who wished to see where the money is going. We welcome any amount as we are desperately trying to raise our first $ 1,000.00 so that we can hire a paralegal when the time comes. Stay up to date with our website and very soon to come Facebook page.



  3. It’s a shame that the “tenant’s association” doesn’t represent all of the tenant’s. I have never before heard of a tenant’s association that refuses to advocate for all tenants in a building because some don’t choose to pay to join.


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