Development Updates

Geothermal Project Update July 27 '18


Link to website for Josh Matlow, Toronto City Councillor for Ward 22, St. Paul’s–Keeping You Informed!


The Construction Mitigation Plan.

45 Dunfield_Construction Mitigation Plan

Explains timelines for the different phases of the construction.

This is the agreement between Shiplake and the City of Toronto that reflects the needs and concerns of the tenants and the neighborhood. It includes the compensation package we negotiated.

Section 37 Agreement between City of Toronto and Shiplake


Lillian Park Development Plans are posted for your information.


Lillian buildings


Lillian Park Development Plans

Construction will begin on

APRIL 28 2017.

The Pool will be closed as of APRIL 3  2017.

Visitor Parking will be closed as of APRIL 3 2017.

Compensation package will take effect as of May 1, 2017.


Vote Results for the Compensation Offer

YES 53 votes           NO 8 votes

Compensation Offer for 45 Dunfield Avenue

On Tuesday December 15, 2015 at 6:15 pm and again at 7:00pm we will be presenting the compensation offer we received from Shiplake.

Only paid members of the Tenant Association will be eligible to vote on the offer. If you want your voice heard please bring your membership fee to the meeting or go to the Contribute tab and follow the instruction for e-transfers.

Members who attend either meeting will be able to vote at the end of each meeting. If you are not able to attend the meetings you will receive an e-mail with instruction as to how to vote via e-mail.

Shiplake’s Compensation Offer

Priority listing on new apartment units in new buildings, at market value rent.

Relocation program for residents with special needs, on a case-by-case basis

  • One way move, within 45 Dunfield Avenue
  • Same rent as current unit with a new month to month lease
  • Same unit type, based on availability of units.
  • Shiplake will cover cost of move by supplying Shiplake maintenance staff.

 $200,000 rent abatement as presented in the housing issues report.

  • Rent abatement for affected units will begin when the excavation for the construction of the Development begins.
  • Units in lines 20 and 21 will get a monthly rent reduction of $ 100.00 once construction has started.
  • Units in lines 18 and 19 will get a monthly rent reduction of $ 75.00 once construction has started.
  • Units in lines 16 and 17 will get a monthly rent reduction of $ 50.00 once construction has started.
  • The rent abatement will continue without interruption until all two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000) has been spent at which point such abatements shall end and the affected tenants will resume paying their previous rent 
  • If a tenant moves out of an affected unit, the unit no longer qualifies for the rent abatement.
  • Payment from the $200,000 will continue to be divided between qualifying affected units until it is exhausted.

For example, a unit on the 20 line gets $ 100.00 per month. If construction started in May and the tenant moves out in August, they would have used $ 300.00 (3 months) of the allotted abatement. Once the tenant leaves this unit, it no longer qualifies for the rent abatement. However, the remaining affected tenants will continue to draw from the $200,000 rent abatement until it is exhausted.

Payment of the $200,000 rent abatement will be closely monitored by the City of Toronto to ensure it is fully exhausted.

Shiplake will not charge on the AGI amount during the first 16 months of construction.

  • This will only apply to units and tenants listed in the AGI.

Shiplake will provide a $ 200.00 onetime payout to every occupied unit at the start of construction so residents may purchase an air conditioning unit to mitigate dust and construction noise.

  • Money can be used for whatever the tenant wishes if they do not need or choose not to purchase an air-conditioner.

Loss of pool benefits for regular pool users.

  • A “Regular pool user” means a tenant who has used the pool more than once a month for the three months prior to the closure of the pool (January, February and March 2017).
  • Usage has been and will continue to monitored by Shiplake staff.
  • If two people in the unit are regular pool users, then both will receive compensation.
  • Shiplake will inform all new/prospective tenants about the construction and loss of pool.

Shiplake will provide a monthly pass or the cash value of the pool pass at any City of Toronto community facility for each regular pool user.

  • Specifically, a monthly pass to a City of Toronto Community Facility will be provided for regular pool users for each month that the indoor swimming pool is not available; or
  • The equivalent of the cash value of such a pass to be paid to each regular pool user once the pool is closed.

Costs associated with the new pool, in the new building, will not be subject to an AGI application.

Shiplake Two Towers  (Lillian Park) Development Updates

Development plans have not been approved by the City of Toronto’s Building Department as of yet. They will be go to City Council until some time in 2016.

Estimated construction start date: late 2016 -2017

Expected Length of Construction: 30 months/ first 16 months will be the dirtiest

Visitor Parking: There will be no visitor parking during the construction period.

Pool: Anyone who currently uses the pool will be given a pass to access the local community centre pool.

Rent Compensation: Units 16-21 on each floor will receive a rent decrease for the first 16 months of the construction. Units 16 &17 $50, Units 18 & 19 $75 and units 20 & 21 $100.

UPDATE: The Tenant Association is currently in negotiations with Shiplake regarding compensation for all the tenants of 45 Dunfield Avenue.

Yonge-Eglinton Planning Website

City Planning has created a website that will be your portal to what’s happening in the Yonge-Eglinton area. The website will be used to provide information for the current Growth, Built Form and Infrastructure Review the City Planning Division is undertaking, while also serving as a one-stop shop for information on development proposals submitted in the area.

A great interactive map from Josh Matlow’s office about development plans in Ward 22 and the status of current applications.

Important Dates

Development Documents

33 Holly,44 Dunfield Zoning Amendment July 2015

Lillian Park HIR June 2015

Lillian Park CSF Resubmission Feb 2015

Gallery Park HIR Nov 18 (1)


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